Collection: For Skyline RB20 RB25 Bush Bearing

For NISSAN Skyline RB20DET RB25DET TD05 TD06 Journal Bearing


  • Turbine Housing - 10cm (.73) AR Turbine Housing allows for good mid-range and top-end power on modified RB20DET engines and even greater response and horsepower on RB25DET engines.
  • Factory Turbo Orientation - Oil Feed, Oil Drain, and Water Lines are all included, and the orientation is in an identical position to the factory setup, allowing for easy re-fitment.
  • Factory Turbo Position - These Turbochargers still look very similar to a factory unit and utilize the factory manifold and exhaust system.
  • Ultimate Boost Control - Adjustable actuator with spring options allows for many preset boost combinations.
  • Supporting Re-Fitment Parts - Exhaust studs, locking nuts for the dump pipe, and a complete turbocharger gasket kit is included.


  • Hot Side Intercooler Pipe and Air Intake Pipe modifications will be required.

The videos were collected from the customers' used cases. If you have any ideas or questions, contact us directly at the right bottom inbox.