Sponsorship Apply Steps

Our sponsorship program involves several steps, with the ultimate objective of fostering a long-term business partnership and promoting Kinugawa's high-performance turbochargers.

Step 1. Wholesale Signup Process

In order to verify your information, please provide us with your Tax ID and official website. We will get back to you within 3 working days after verifying the information. Also, kindly promote yourself extensively on your websites. Thank you. Please fill out the signup form.

Step 2. Make An Order With Wholesale/VIP Account

Kindly select the turbocharger you would like to receive sponsorship for and purchase it at the wholesale/VIP price.

Step 3. Leave A Review

Kindly share your experience with the turbocharger by leaving a review on the product description page, accompanied by photos or a video.

Step 4. Upload A Video

To complete the submission process, we request a video that showcases the installation or performance tuning process. The video must be at least 5 minutes long. Before you upload, please ask for authorization from us. We will provide you with a cloud space to upload your video. For more information on uploading, please reach out to support@kinugawaturbosystems.com or chatbox.

Step 5. Refund

Once we have confirmed the validity of the video, we will issue a refund for your sponsorship order. Our hope is to continue our collaboration, so please feel free to reach out with any requests or concerns. We firmly believe that our program can enhance our clients' creativity and broaden their perspectives.